Building a PC, is it good enough or does anything needs to be changed?

Hi guys, i am 2-3weeks away from building a pc and these are the specs that i have comeup with, im running on a budget more or less around 700$ for the cpu alone

Motherboard : Asus P8H77M LE
CPU : i7 2600
GPU : HIS HD 7970 IceQ X2 3gb 384bit ddr5
RAM : nothing special but 8gb of any brand i could get my hands on when i buy the parts
PSU : will the standard 450-500 do the job?
HDD : same as ram, undecided but anything 7200rpm usually is ok.

is this ok or should i change anything? suggestions? anything is welcome. I was thinking about FX 8350 but it seemed that after googling around the i7 2600 was better.
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  1. If this is for gaming, then you might go for an I5 instead of an I7 and save some.
    Also the sandy bridge is still good but it is a bit old now. Haswell is out now.

    Be careful when choosing PSUs. If you get a low quality one, it can fail and possibly damage your components.

    XFX, Corsair, Seasonic and Antec are generally good brands.
  2. thats exactly the point of me getting an i7 instead of the great bang for buck i5, future game would i assume would take advantage of the capabilities of i7 and usually single threaded games would run better on the 2600 right? or anyone suggest and i5 version that would actually do me better in gaming? i have an eye for that 3570k and the 4670k though

    yes id keep my eye on a good PSU, its just i really dont know the wattage total of my rig would be but i am assuming 450-500 is good enough.

    and another question to everyone, what is the reason of people getting 200++ dollar boards when all that really matters is it an fit your gpu(s), cpu? (excluding overclocking)
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