Should I buy a new motherboard to replace my burnt to remove my bottle necked system out one or just upgrade completley?

Recently my 760GM-P23 (FX) burnt out but my CPU (AMD FX-4170) was not damaged. And I was considering if I should upgrade to a higher end motherboard to remove the bottle neck in my system as I have a GTX 670 and my computer has been under performing massively while in games such as planet side 2 and battlefield 3. Also i was considering making a complete swap over to an Intel I5 would it be worth it or just hold out for another year or so ?
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  1. the motherboard doesn't bottleneck, the CPU does
    i would certainly suggest u go for the i5
  2. Yeah but if u go sor i5 u should bye intel chipset mb.gud luck
  3. Get a AMD 8350 it has way more value for money than any intel processor. If you are just aiming the system for gaming go with this. You won't face any bottlenecks in the near future
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