Will next gen games use more than 4 cores?

Will next gen games e.g. watchdogs and ac black flag use more than 4 cores. (I have an Intel i5 4670k with 4 cores)
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  1. Maybe.
    4 core cpu is plenty
  2. Maybe, but I think it will take a year for them to use them correctly. Any decent 4 core CPU will do the job more than easily though, I am not that worried about it even though I got a 3570k last year, if I need to I will just overclock it.
  3. Depends, Some games are more Dependent on the GPU than CPU i.e BF3 & probably BF4. GT5 i believe is CPU intensive, not to sure.

    For all games to utilize more than 4 cores, i'd say maybe another 1 year at minimum. Next Gen Consoles are pretty powerful, I think they are rumored to have 8 cores, so games with be optimized to run on the PS4 & Xboxone with PC as second thought unless it's a PC exclusive game i.e WoW.
  4. They will have 8 weak cores, but not all will be used for the games.
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