Which CPU would you use as daily driver

I just recently acquired a love for AMD cpu's and tinkering with them in general. In the last three months I have bought a A10-5800K slight overclock to 4 GHz, a 965BE running stable at 4.3 GHz, a 960T with a fifth unlocked core running at 3.9 GHz and finally a 1055T running at 3.8 GHz. All are similarly configured with SSD's, 8 gigs of ram, Hyper Evo 212's. All the systems benchmark very close CPU wise.
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  1. That is a bit odd. I would have expected the 1055 to top the others by a larger margin. For me, I would go with the 1055T ( doing content creation and general multy-tasking ) because its a 6 cores and 6 threads. But for a general use like movies, browsing, some gaming, the new A10 would be wiser. Its a newer platform and has more features, also there would be upgradable CPUs for that socket in near future (if I am not mistaken, but I may be, didn't follow AMD's APU road map quite closely).
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