First build. Will this set up work?

Building my first computer.
For music recording, graphic design and video editing.
Would this set up work?

Casecom CB-191 Black Mid Tower Case.
Asus Z87-Pro Socket .
DDR3 2400MHz 16GB 2x240.
Intel Core i7 4770 3.40GHz Socket 1150.
PNY GTX 660 XLR8 Edition 2GB GDDR5.
V7 Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse.
LG Flatron W2753VC

Anything else I might need? And will everything work together?
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  1. I think the 850 psu is overkill but i also wouldn't recommend buying it because isn't a certified power supply so it hasn't got an 80+ efficiency rating. I would advise maybe a 600-650w 80+ bronze power supply.
    Also your motherboard is a Z87 so it supports overclocking yet your cpu is the 4770 so it doesn't support overclocking so i would advise paying a bit more for the 4770k and overclock or if you aren't going to overclock then i would look for a different motherboard because i would presume that the Z87 boards are more expensive.
  2. Thank you for the speedy response!

    The Z87 just has all the ports I'd like and integrated sound...figured it would be easier. And wanted to go for the Haswell. What's the 4770k like?

    And is there any known trouble for any of these components?

    Also is there any way I can future proof it any more?

    And is that going to be sufficient cooling? Had so many nightmares with computers built for me which just overheat.
  3. You might want to buy a cpu cooler instead of using the stock cooler, unless you have one listed but i couldn't see it. I have the 3770k and its great and the 4770 is an upgrade so it should be good. The only real way of future proofing it more is to get a better graphics card but the term future proof depends on the persons demands from their computer. If you are ok with medium graphics then you should be fine, if you want high or max then i would advise changing the gpu.
  4. Is there a cooler you'd recommend for this set up,possibly with an upgrade on the GPU. And the best compatible GPU for under £200?
  5. For your gpu i would recommend going for the 760, and for the cooler i think you should look around and check reviews on different products.
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