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Well, I was wanting to build a pc containing a gtx 670 2gb. But wondered will this become obsolete for next gen? Will my pc struggle to even play next gen titles. The ps4 alone has 8gb ddr5 ram. The killzone demo used 3.2gb of gpu ram alone. Should I wait? I can't afford to have to upgrade to play next gen titles on pc. Should I just get the ps4?
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  1. no, the 670 will not struggle to play next gen tittles, RAM doesnt run games, might make them load faster though.
    you could get a 4gb 760 if you're so worried about gpu ram. pc will always be better then consoles.
  2. i prefer to PC rather than any console... if you want palying console game then just use the console emulator...
  3. Console hardware is weaker, and poorly optimized. On PC 2GB will be enough for next gen, and current gen at 1080p

    If you run multiple monitors, over 1080p resolution, or extremely modded skyrim you would need more.

    PC pretty much dominates gaming performance, but not longevity. Consoles use hardware that can run for years, but not at the QUALITY of PC.
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