Crossfire 2 7970s on 750 Watt PSU?

Can I crossfire two XFX 7970 GPUs on my 750 Watt PSU?


Note: My CPU is a 8350 so that does have a lot of power draw.
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  1. your System will be drawing between 700-740 watts with those 2 cards and CPU and motherboard and 2 harddisks and 2 fans and 1 DVD, so it is the upper limit of your power supply. not recommended to use it .. but it will work if you are not overclocking.

    if you are overclocking forget it and buy a 850 WATTS or better 1000 Watts if same price of 850 watts ;)
  2. When I entered your specs in neweggs PSU calculator, it said you need 920 watts so you really should get a 1000 watt PSU just to be safe.
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