Scanner Genius Colorpage Vivid Pro II CD

I have an ancient scanner Genius Colorpage Vivid Pro II (Parallel Port) and it worked fine until my previous PC burned, so I was wondering how to make it work with my new configuration.

In the past, I had a problem until I made it work in XP, but somehow I succeeded. I can't remember how to recreate that. It was like:

a) I downloaded some drivers
b) Or I used it's installation CD (which had drivers for Win98, not for XP)

After my previous PC burned, I replaced almost everything: the MB, the RAM etc. The installation CD is lost since then.

I'm now desperatly trying to make it work with my new configuration. I'm using XP again.

I downloaded the drivers from the official site. There are no XP drivers available, only Win 98/ME and Win 2000. Google didn't help me much, the same drivers are all over the net. I installed the Win 2000 drivers.

Now the scanner doesn't show in Corel Photopaint, ACDSEE or MS Paint. Also, its not displayed in the hardware manager. However, it shows signs of life in the test utility that comes with the drivers. This gives me hope that I can make it work again. When I press "check scanner" in the test utility it starts to work. But that's just a test, a preview.

Though this is a 15 y.o. scanner, I would not like to throw it in the junk just because of a minor software problem. I dont want to buy scanners all my life. I dont use the pc for demanding tasks, so this scanner is good enough for me.

I also tried a trick by adding a path to C:/Windows/Twain_32/Vivid in System Properties> Advanced>Enviroment Variables but it didnt work.

Thats the path to the Twain driver. There's also a wiatwain.ds file in the Twain_32 folder if that helps.

Thank you for your opinions. I would be also thankful if someone has the original installation CD, maybe that could help.

OS: MS Win XP Pro
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
CPU: Intel P G850 2.90 Ghz LGA1155
RAM: Kingston 2.048,00 MB
MB: Gigabyte H61M-S2PV
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. FE, 21.06.2012
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 210 PCI
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  1. I made it work!

    I took the following steps:

    1. I unistalled the drivers, deleted all the files that remained after the unistall and I cleaned the registry from all the references to the scanner that I could find (some of them manually, some of them by using CCleaner).

    2. I updated my mainboard's BIOS (<--perhaps this step was crucial)

    3. In BIOS, new options appeared which were not there previously. I turned on the Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) option. Though the scanner can work in SPP mode, its better like this.

    4. I uninstalled several programs, cause I assumed that they can interfere with the scanner. I unistalled: Corel Draw X13, virtual dvd drive, my mobile phone's software etc. (now I dont think that this step was necesary, but I wanted to achieve a more-less clean situation).

    5. After achieving a more-less "clean" situation, I installed the scanner's drivers.

    6. After the installation, I opened the ACDSee program, clicked import and the scanner was there!

    7. I re-installed Corel Draw and the scanner is there! It works!

    I dont know which of these steps was crucial, but I assume that the BIOS update helped.

    The conclusion is: This scanner CAN work in Windows XP
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