Will running a SSD boot drive be more efficient than a RAID 0

I apologize in advance for any spelling errors, I'm currently on a public terminal with an overused keyboard and my regular typing speed is too fast for it.

I was researching how to setup a RAID 0 when I discovered that on a simple setup I'm looking at an effective disk space of the smallest drive (In my case 500GB)

I looked up the price of 3TB hard drive and averaged about $200 apiece (a total of $400)

Then the idea hit me to perhaps attempt a SSD boot drive instead and keep my 500GB and 1TB drives for storage and games (respectively)

Looking it up it seems 256GB SSDs run for about $250 give or take.

So the TL;DR version:

3TB Raid 0 for $400 or 256GB SSD boot drive with 1.5TB HDD storage for 250?
State your work.
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  1. SSD, no question.

    Faster, less complexity, less chance of data loss.
  2. SSD
    Their main advantage for OS usage over HDD's is effectively non-existent Access Times, which does not improve in a RAID situation. Plus less chance of losing your data.

    Also RAID0'ing two 3TB drives will get you 6TB of capacity.
  3. like everyone said SSD
  4. unless you have a motherbd with efi/uefi bios you wouldn't be able to boot off a 3tb or larger drive anyways.
    SSD it is!
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