Newbie needs help upgrading PC

Newbie needs help
HI I am saving to build my first DIY PC. In the meantime I was wondering if there is anything I can do to upgrade my existing PC . It has the following:
CPU- AMD Athlon 64 3700
MBoard - MS 7125
Graphic - ATI Radeon HD5450

I was wondering about a better CPU? Can I add RAM ? If yes do I have to match the RAM withg the existing or can I buy another mfg?

Thanks for your help
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  1. There is nothing worth doing with that the board doesn't support ant decent CPUs and 3Gb RAM is more than enough for the rest of the system. Unless you can get a cheap <$30 dual core CPU thats supported on ebay forget it.
  2. There is not point upgrading that PC. The motherboard uses the outdated socket 939 which is used by the Athlon series, which, to put simply, isn't great. I can't seem to find much on the motherboard except the socket, but i'm guessing it only supports a limited amount of RAM support/or has only a few slots so a performance boost thats worth anything probably isn't possible.

    But if you really must stick with that motherboard and you don't want to to buy a new PC (Taking your old data off your PC and putting it onto a new one is easy if you're a casual internet browser etc), then you might be able to find an old FX 60 for about £80 (around 100 dollars) which is around the highest spec you can get on that socket.

    But even the FX 60 isn't great, it's pretty damn terrible if you're looking to play some games (A 2.6 dual core just won't cut it). If you would like to play older games casually maybe look at the AM3+ Phenom CPUs by AMD. They are older but still reliable, IMO.
  3. honestly as the others have said, there isn't anything worth salvaging in there. While the Athlon 64 was great for it's time, it is quite old now.

    What is your budget for a new pc. If you let us know that we can help suggest some parts for the new pc.
  4. You could upgrade your PSU and use it later in the new rig. GPU could then be upgraded as well if you plan on building soon after. Nothing else is worth the investment as it wouldn't be usable in a new system.
  5. Thanks for the responses, I thought as much and will just keep it as is. For my DIY PC I saw a build that consisted of the following for a HTPC:

    CPU: AMD A4-3400 2.7Ghz
    Motherboard: ASRock A75M-ITX
    RAM: Corsair 4GB DDR3 1333 Memory
    Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar 2TB,

    Any thoughts?
  6. If all you want is a cheap PC its fine for basic tasks but if you want to play the latest games or anything else intensive you want to spend more.
  7. Not really looking for a gamer PC more of a HTPC that will/can play in HD without stutter or lag
  8. That should do it then but it doesn't cost to much more for an A6 or A8 CPU which may give you a year longer before it becomes like your current one. Also getting faster RAM is worth while in APUs 1600MHz should cost around the same as 1333.
  9. great thanks for the tips
  10. A nice PC for what you said (Sounds like you just like watching movies and need something that will do it good) but like simon said if you have the money an A6 upgrade would be a good option as you'd rather be safer than sorry (if you have the money).

    But if you don't then i'd say go for that, yes.
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