Looking for Good Games for my Laptop

what are good games for pc ?
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  1. well
    First answer these question , then ill b able to help you
    2.have u ever played computer games? tell me the name of hames that u liked
    3.are u intrested in any special game type?(first person shooter,strategy,role playing,online)
    4.does game's graphic matter? i mean there are some game that does not have beautiful interface but they are rly fun :)
    5.do u enjoy fantasy games?
  2. U could download Steam (game platform) and search their store. If you see a game that you like, you can watch trailers, screenshots, read reviews and buy it.
  3. subway surfers for PC

  4. I would recommend you League of Legends. Almost everyone that tried League of Legends liked it. Even those who are RPG and FPS players. Furthermore, it's very graphically light but eye pleasing. Even a non-gaming PC can run League of Legends at a more than playable FPS. And on an entry level gaming PC, it would run 100+ FPS at 1080p max settings. The only downside is, although it's free to download, in-game purchases are irresistible as it will make you even more happy. But if you choose not to spend a single cent on the game, it's fine, your gameplay will still be fair as real money does not affect character powers.
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