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I know im going on a bit of a lazy note here but I'm hoping someone will give me a starting foot as I dont really know that much about computers. Im hopefully going to uni in September to study architecture and my current laptop has given up, no longer charges/is very old and has lost the shift key. Im looking to build a desktop for fun but also as it will be cheaper than buying a stock computer.

My main uses will be gaming (largely mmo's :p) and obviously I'll want to be using heavy core usage programmes for architecture (CAD/CAM based programmes I'd imagine)

Im looking for a desktop build around the £500 mark (dont worry about a monitor), if you can include pricing and what I should realistically look at in terms of performance that would be great.

Thanks to anyone that helps (even if its just directing me onto another post) and ANY help would be much appreciated

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  1. $500 is not going to cut it for university grade CAD modeling.
  2. Sorry that was £500, not $500
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