Asus Intros Portable 18.4" AIO Android PC

After making a few appearances over the last twelve months, Asus has officially introduced its Android-based AIO PC.

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  1. A $150 touchscreen, and Asus can't spend $10 or $15 more on the soc? This doesn't make much sense...
  2. Let me know when you put a T4 in it. Socs from NV have cost $20-25. What is this a $5 upgrade to T4? Even at $10 this is stupid. T3 can't put the coming games at this res. T4 would have been great. Companies doing crap like this should take a poll BEFORE finalizing hardware and ask something like "would you pay an extra $10 for 6x the gpu power or not?"

    I'm guessing the responders would say YES 99.5%. This is dead out of the gate power wise. At least they are putting out screens larger than 7/10in now those are too small for me to enjoy. How about a 13in with T4 asus? Or a 20in T4. I'm an completely unintersted in an underpowered T3 even at 1.7ghz for the T3+ version. No reason to buy something that future games (meaning just this year and next) will make useless even before I buy it. Hawken coming soon. Does it run on this? NOPE.
  3. This is neat and would have been much neater with a contemporary SoC and not the now antiquated Tegra 3. However, depending on the cost it could still make for a nice media consumption center or low cost MS Office clone device. Before we give this new device too much hate we need to see the cost. There may have been some other reason Tegra 4 was not included?????
  4. Asus P1801-B037K

    This has been around for a few months already. Looks like it's the same thing, without the i5 computer dock.
  5. 10.1'' too small. 18'' too big.... Also, 18'' on 1080p is garbage ppi.
  6. math1337 said:
    10.1'' too small. 18'' too big.... Also, 18'' on 1080p is garbage ppi.

    I love my Dell 24 that is 1920x1200. Not quite sure how you can say 1080p is crap on an 18in. Maybe compared to a 1080p phone or something, but it's not ugly. Movies etc will look great. This won't be much closer to my face than a monitor. Some may use it as a desktop which should make it just like a 19in 1080p monitor etc.
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