Blown PSU, Installed new one now computer overheats could a component be damaged?

Hello, recently my power supply popped and started smoking and died on me so I disposed of it and got a new one, the new power supply works fine however my computer now has a problem where every other second the temperature on my CPU and motherboard rises by 0.5 degrees until it reaches 40-50 degrees and crashes. Could the power supply that died damaged a component which makes my computer overheat?
I have tried my CPU in another computer and it works fine so I believe that it is fine.
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  1. Might want to reset the BIOS to best defaults, setting may have been jumped when the PSU died
  2. Already reset the BIOS, didn't work. Yet, Thanks for your response :)
  3. Might have fried something on the mobo
  4. What PSU do you have?
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    What PSU do you have?

    I did have a cheap psu called Ace A-500BR I now have a Gigabyte Superb 620
  6. The Gigabyte is fair at best , but I would replace it with the Seasonic , Cosair , XFX , Antec.
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