Next-Gen Nexus 10 Tablet to Arrive in "Near Future"

We may see an updated Nexus 10 in October.

Next-Gen Nexus 10 Tablet to Arrive in "Near Future" : Read more
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  2. 4.7" phone, 7" tablet, 10" tablet, 13" laptop, 24" desktop... yup, I got a piece of electronic junk for every occasion. Wearable displays can't come soon enough
  3. The Nexus 10's hardware wasn't the problem with video playback, it was lack of hardware acceleration...
  4. Mobile device... Battery life.
  5. I was hoping for a T4 not new octa or whatever. I wanted tegrazone games now and future. Power doesn't mean much if nobody optimizes for the hardware. NV pushes game devs to make their games look better on NV hardware. I see nobody else with a tegrazone or optimized games yet. I really doubt ARM will start this but we'll see. They have no gaming chops, neither does Qcom/samsung. Imagination used to, but they've been kicked out of PC graphics for so long I'm not sure they know anything these days.

    I want NV's drivers/tech and 20yrs of experience running my games not people who have no idea what they're doing so far. I guess I'll be looking at asus/toshiba/hp tablets this year. I also don't want a 2560x1600 tablet, as most games are made for less and until they give us SETTINGS like in a pc for resolutions etc this tablet will be just about as useless as my dads nexus10 is now. Not a lot of games run on it without print being so small they are unplayable. For example, Avernum and Avadon, both of which play in a puny box not fullscreen. Basically they turn a 10in into a 4in as they are made for 1024x768 or something. I hope 4.3 or key lime pie can change res of your android device to LOWER resolutions (why can't I run that tablet in 1080p or 1024x768?). Android needs to get this change and SOON. This will also allow game devs to shoot for HIGH end hardware and the rest of us can just drop the res to get fps back up if needed.
  6. Having gone from my OG TF101 to a nexus 7 (and unfortunately a kindle fire HD along the way), I couldn't see ever using a 10" tablet again (that is, for a non-productivity device). 7"(ish) form-factor is perfect IMHO.

    Now, if we're talking about a full windows OS in a tablet with decent performance and usable battery life, then we can talk 10" (and a dock, of course, with a secondary battery).
  7. I hope they would also upgrade the camera.
  8. Where's the Nexus 5? Can't wait until October, Nexus S 4G is killing me and my contract is up next month!
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