Help building PC! Need some questions answered!

I have found the parts I want however I need advice on them and whether they will all work together correctly. I have done hours of research however I'm still not 100% certain. I also have a few important questions that I will ask at the end of the list.

CiT Vantage Midi Mesh Gaming Case…

Asus P8H61-MX USB3 - I don't need a big motherboard only the Micro ATX (uATX)

Intel Core I5-3470 - I need an i5 (not i7) because of the budget. But which i5? Theres lots!!…

Graphics card:
Asus Nvidia GeForce 1GB GT 610 - Went for a relatively cheap one (will it run games decently??)…

Corsair CMV4GX3M1A1333C9 1 4GB stick. - Should I get two 2GB sticks to spread it evenly?…

Western Digital Green - 1TB - Planning to upgrade to SSD later (just for boot).…

DVD/RW Drive:
LG GH24NS95.AUAA 24x…

ACE 400W PSU with 12cm Fan - Is 400W enough?…
1. What type of i5 processor should I get there are lots.
2. Is the graphics card good enough to run games decently (okish)
3. With the ram should I get one 4GB stick or two 2GB sticks
4. Is a 400W PSU enough?
5. What wires do I need for the HDD drive and DVD/RW drive? SATA? Any types for the PSU
6. Will the graphic card need any extra wires?
7. Will the fans in the case need any extra wires to the PSU or motherboard.
8. Will it all work together??
Basicly what extra wires or sata things do I need to get extra with it and will it all work???

Thank you for your time and help,
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  1. 1. Good CPU choice for your mobo selection
    2. Yes
    3. 2x2GB or better 2x4GB 1333
    4. I'd go slightly higher 450 or at least one that does 400 continuous, this is like a 250 Watt base, 400 Peak
    5 .SATA and mobo should prob come with a couple - that PSU has 3 SATA power connectors
    6. Video cable
    7. Not familiar with the case
    8. Yes with exception of PSU
  2. 1.That is a great CPU, honestly there are so many "i"'s right now that you could randomly pick one and it would be fine, i'd go with that one though.
    2. What kind of games are you wanting to run? This wont run anything modern very well at all
    3. Definitely 2 sticks. You can keep running if 1 has a problem, and you get more bandwidth (speed)
    4. Don't get no name PSU's get a corsair cs430 or something like that, cheap, but reliable
    5. Mobo's come with 2 usually, drive will probably have 1.
    6. Like Tradesman said, VGA, HDMI, whatever your monitor will need.
    7. The fans with either have 3 pin or 4 pin connectors, your PSU will have 4 pin on it, and your mobo will have 3 pin on it, so no.
    8. Again, ditto to Tradesman.
  3. Yeah, I was just doing some research into the PSU's and I was looking through the corsair range and they look really good. I was looking into the cheap PSU'S and lots of people had problems with them blowing up, just breaking and not reaching the watt's they claim. I think I will go with one of the corsair ones, there not badly priced. Is any particular type of PSU I should be looking for because I see some with lots of plugs to plug things into it and others with a whole bunch of wires coming out. I was thinking of getting the one with all the wires because then I know it should have all the wires I need to connect to the motherboard and others right? Or not?

    And about the graphics card, is there one that will run modern games decently at a decent price? Its for my cousin and he plays xbox mostly however I may want to play some fun games while we talk. So they don't have to look amazing he can turn down the graphics. Like TF2 and portal, games like that. He would probably like to stick to Call of Duty and Battlefield on the xbox. Would that card do for just "Chill out gaming".

    Tradesman and Jaxem thank you so much this is really helping me,
  4. I'd lay out and firm up the remainder of the rig (make sure PSU has a PCI-E 6 pin or better 6+2 and then spend the rest on the GPU
  5. Look at the Toms "best for the money" article, it's pretty spot on with what you should get for each budget range:,3107.html

    For casual gaming at medium resolution, i'd say the bottom end of the 7xxx line (AMD) and the bottom of the 6xx line (nVidia) would probably work fine, but old GT's are quite long in the tooth these days though.
  6. I have done a lot of looking around and I'm not sure but would this PSU have the PCI-E 6 pin or 6+2. Will you be able to see, I don't want to buy the wrong one!
  7. I own that PSU, it has a 6+2 most GPU's go to needing 2 6 pins before needing 1 8 pin, so the +2 isn't super necessary, but it does have it.
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