is virgin media correct to block torrent sites?

today i went to 1 of my usual haunts to see if a new episode of newgame+ had been upped only to find that virgin media are actively blocking eztv from today. on the grounds it provide access to unauthorized content for “criminal gain.”

the odd thing is if you cant make money off it because its not being charged for, where is the criminal gain?.

to me this is another attempt to inflict control on the INTERNET by people who dont understand it.

dont get me wrong. if you steal anything your a thief and should be punished appropriately (appropriately being the operative word :ie: no 2 billion dollar fines for downloading a music video) but to actively close portals to legitimate data just because its all mixed in with non legit data is the wrong way to go about it. you punish every 1 for the misdeeds of the few. even if the few are a few million in this case.

but seriously there has got to be a better way than blocking access. such as going after the initial unloaders for instance. if you go after them then theres nothing to download.... hmmm that sorta makes sense... but no, closing sites is the cheaper alternative and to boot, the police gain a little illusion that they are controlling the web. which makes there task masters happy... (switch happy for deluded)

so what do you think? is there a better way...

additional info if you wanna look closer.
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  1. I'm not sure on this issue yet but I do agree about going for the uploaders. I've been banging on about that one for months on the child porn issue but even Jim Gamble (formerly CEOPS head) disagrees with me. To my logic, it's far easier to find and shut down a single market stall than try to trace a few thousand people who might be searching for it with a view to going there.

    Maybe in your case, Virgin's beef is that there's no money in it for them.
  2. what i take away from it is that kiddy porn has nothing to do with it really, when governments troll out that little gem it normally means they have another agenda and are hiding it behind 1 of the most heated topics on the web.
    we know these animals are out there and for the last 15 years the police have been arresting them.
    but cameron is saying that we need to do more but doesnt get that they cant because of the way the net is.
    yes you can create black lists which is what they are doing right now but sooner or later there gonna realize that black lists dont work(piratebay is my case in point). so what they will do is create a white list and if your not on it, your site cant be visited... again this isnt anything to do with kiddy porn or stopping it. its all about funneling content that you have to pay for and marginalizing anything you can get for free...

    the reason im thinking this is the agenda behind it is because the only sites currently being blocked are sites that the bpi have accused (not found guilty) of copyright infringement.
    the up shot is the current british government is trying to partition off the web to the point that they want to make the uk a closed network where they control your content and make you pay for anything you look at.
    like i said its not about stopping kiddy porn but crony capitalism under the guise of public safety...
    agree or disagree its up to you, but to me its not right to use such a sensitive subject to inflame passions for something that in the overall scheme of things is a very very small part of the web to push there agenda of monetizing the web for the music/entertainment industry.

    seriously guys if you use torrent sites to get legitimate downloads then write to your mps and demand that cameron be brought to book for misinformation and pot stirring.
  3. The name PirateBay says it all doesn't it? It's free but it should be paid for because it was someone's intellectual property at some stage and is still no sale in legitimate places on or off the Net. I'm all in favour of free and consider anything from Sourceforge is open to being downloaded. Then I can decide whether or not to donate but the kind of download that is available in shops or websites is different - it's been plundered and is offered free because it didn't cost the thief anything to nick it.

    I don't think Cameron is conflating child porn with stolen property - I only linked the two to agree with your view it's easier to hit the uploader. Trouble is, you want the uploader to stay in business just long enough to supply your needs because you don't wish to pay for them. :D

    Why did you remove your other post?
  4. that wasnt why i used pirate bay as an example mate. its just an example of virgin using a blacklist that doesnt work.
    for which they can then go back to the government and say its a pointless exercises blocking with black lists.
    and i didnt remove my other post to i think 1 of your mods may have.
    its not a porn link. even though it contains the word porn.

    as for sourceforge. i stopped using it about 4 years ago after multiple infections.
    the whole upshot of what im getting at is that cameron is using kiddy porn to enflame passions which will enable him to enact laws that would otherwise be laughed off the books because of there intrusive nature.
    the end result would likely be a tiered system like is run on cable tv. the more you pay the more access to the web you get and as long as they give the basics like email in a low cost package there will likely be little in the way of outcry.
  5. Same here. Seems as 'Big Brother' Virgin are selecting what we can and can't download.

    Maybe if we are thinking of downloading or even planning on viewing a site we should contact Virgin just to make sure they approve of it? We've got to make sure we stay on the right side of the law and it seems as though they know the law!?
  6. in this case virgin has no real choice. they are subject to a court order to block certain sites at the behest of the BPI which represents a private interest group, which contains the likes of simon cowel and richard branson. who want to distribute music the old fashioned way, a way that is now failing the consumer.
    this has nothing to do with public safety its about protecting profit margins of a few at the cost of access to the web for many...
    these people dont get that piracy is a distribution problem not a theft issue. people want quick access to music and programs like game of thrones in good time and at a reasonable cost. but cant have them unless they have premium cable or have to travel miles to stores like HMV.
    lost tv show is a great example. we get to see the first series in the uk on FTA but it was so popular that the distributer decided it would hike the price of series 2 which meant channel 4 could no longer afford it, so stopped showing it. they lost out on revenue and we lost out on good story telling (even if it died on its ass at the end)... its not the point greed got in there way of making money and that affected every 1 both producers and viewers.
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