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I am looking for a monitor 1080p 60hz in the 150$ range. I would like a 27in but if that will cost too much I would go with something smaller? What is the best monitor to get in this range?

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  1. i'm not sure you'll get a 27 in that range, and if you do, probably not a very good one at all, you should be able to get a good 24 in that area though. Like maybe one of these:
  2. This is a good monitor:

    60Hz refresh rate (so if you have vsync turned on you can play games at around 60FPS
    5ms which is a good response time
    good price
    very good manufacturer (quality products)
    nice and thin
    native resolution is 1920x1080 so you can play games full 1080p

    I have one and it is a really good monior to play games on (such as Borderlands 2, Half life etc)
    I have used a monitor with a 2ms response time and I noticed NO difference.
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