The best airflow case and cpu cooler ( air )?


I already have all my components for my build figured out, but I just can't seem to decide which case and CPU cooler to use for my build.

The main components concerning me about the choices for a case is the GTX Titan and i7 4770k... and I will obviously be overclocking them both so I need a case with adequate airflow to cool them.

I also want a good fan for overclocking the 4770k as I have heard it runs quite hot. I have been debating between fans from Noctura and Phanteks as they are generally the best brand air coolers, but suggestions are always appreciated.

The case can be a mid-tower or a full-tower, it doesn't matter as long as it has what I need in terms of keeping my components cool. Noise isn't the biggest concern but I still don't want my room to sound like a jet engine. The price range does not matter that much, but I wouldn't go higher than $300 for a computer case...
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  1. Also just to add on, I will be using the Asus Z87 Sabertooth.
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