Sony VAIO (VGN-NW26M) - recovery Disks / Windows Factory Reinstall

I cannot create a recovery disks and dont have any recovery disks. Is there any place I can download the recovery disks to be able to reinstall Windows 7 back to original factory setup I also need to backup up the personal folders/files prior to this.
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  1. Well there are well some place where you can download it, unfortunately, unless you've got proof you bought it, I can't tell you. (forum rules)

    Bud did you try to make a new partition on your HDD to create a recovery ?
  2. I have proof of purchase including original packaging for this unit. I believe there should be also the standard factory partition for recovery - but how do i get it book/load from that partition ? I still need a set of recovery disks. it currently boots but doesn't fully start due to a proablem with a windows update patch - please advise - much appreciate your help with this.
  3. In that case, if the recovery was corrupted by an update of windows, you can try backing up;
    First open the main menu and click on 'control panel', then go to 'system and security' and under 'action center' click on 'restore your computer to an earlier time'... Once you've done that, click on 'open the system restore' and follow the instructions.

    If that doesn't work, please feel free to notify me and confirm again that you have acquired a legal license of your windows copy, I shall then PM you for a link and instructions for the download.
  4. just to recap the situation - I believe that a previous failed patch/Windows update means that I get a black screen and white cursor after it re-boots but windows fails to fully startup and windows trys to repair itself but cannot repair the problem.

    I do not have or can make a previous recovery point or any recovery disks - it just failed before. I also need to recover my user data before trying to restore to factory setup. I do have a legal licence and licence keys on the sticker on the underside of the laptop for windows7 home premium which came with then laptop. -- please advise. thanks
  5. Please check your PM.
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