Newbie Question on Laptop Memory Voltage, Heat Output

I ‘m planning to upgrade the memory in my new ‘economy’ laptop (HP Compaq-Presario CQ58-bf9WM). It has a single slot for memory, max 8GB.

My question is this: Is there a significant difference in heat output between a 1.35V and 1.5V memory module?

If so, is this difference sufficient to affect the longevity / performance / cooling requirements?

I ask because there is a $10-$15 price difference between the two, but I’ve noticed my new laptop already runs ‘hotter’ than my old one, in terms of energy requirements, and (subjectively) even when just placing it on your lap during use. I also tend to leave it on 24/7, in Sleep mode when I go out.

Sorry if this question is naïve – I really am new to all this. I searched for the answer in other threads and sites, but most of the discussions on voltage focused on technical specs and parameters, rather than the simple question of, “Will I notice a difference in temperature, or on my electric bill”? 

Thanks in advance!
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  1. RAM consumes a tint amount of power compared to everything else in a PC/laptop, whichever you go for wont make any real difference to either battery life or temperature.

    Also, as a general rule Power Consumption = Temperature. Most of the power that goes into a computer is lost as heat energy, so you can roughly equate a computers power consumption with its heat output in Watts.
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