Google Selling New Nexus 7 Four Days Early

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  1. I know I ordered mine from bestbuy the first day it said available july 30TH, but today I got a confirmation email saying it was at UPS and on its way w/ a tracking number. I am a happy camper.
  2. I hope it will be sensational like the first one. I still use it and I enjoy it very much. It was cheap too!
  3. I have been checking all of the rumors for this device since june and im so happy it came out. i never bought any tablet like this yet and this is just what i always wanted thumbs up for google keep it up :D
  4. Buy it from amazon. no tax for most. Or try staples, they have that $30 coupon for tablets.
  5. Since the cat is already out of the bag...
  6. Best bang/performance-for-buck out there in the table world.
  7. Google has been doing everything right lately, surprise launch of the Chromecast, best tablet's on the market, great user experience, constant updates and don't forget everything they're doing with search. Google must be really busy as of lately. I think Google could set its sight on Apple. I mean they already beat apple to a "retina" display on a small tablet.
  8. What? NO LTE?
  9. I went to check out the N7v2 at my local Business Depot this morning.

    The store clerks had just put it on display - hadn't even completed the initial setup/tutorial before I had my hands on it, which means the demo was practically fresh out of the box.

    My initial hands-on experience was very short-lived: the tablet completely locked up almost as soon as I started the camera application. It wouldn't even turn off after holding the power button for 10+ seconds.

    So all I could really appreciate is the slightly sharper text and graphics on the frozen screen; not exactly the first impression I was hoping for. My original N7 crashed a few times over the first few months but never so thoroughly that I couldn't even reboot it.
  10. Since the cat is already out of the bag...
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