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this is my cpu temp while idle..but hw monitor is giving me 3 readings..which one is correct..and is that a good idle temp? it goes up to 38/39 while installing ext. FX-6300 WITH COOLMASTER 212 PLUS COOLER
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  1. Temps are perfect on idle. All readings are correct.
  2. Those are tmeps perfectly fine.
    But I would check your case his airflow because some people getting 30 on the 212 evo
  3. i got one exhaust fan in the back with 2 blowing out on top..plus one blowing in from the front..so i think the airflow is fine.
  4. and how do i know which temp reading is my actual cpu and which one is my case temp?
  5. Try Speed Fan. And post the temps please.
  6. i tried speed fan and it was the same readings..came up cpu1 at 29 degrees and cpu2 at 33 degrees..just like hw monitor was doing at the time.
  7. So the CPU1 is the main CPU and its 29C. CPU2 is the core and it reads 33C. The temps are fine as I already said that. If you are worried about temps by looking that somebody gets less temps with 212 plus that depends on several thing (room temps, cable management, their components, cabinet etc...). So I repeat your temps are just fine don't worry.
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