cannot set up shared printer between win 7 64 and XP 32 on home LAN

Made it all the way to 'add additional printer driver'

"or do it the correct way and install the 32 bit driver on the 64bit pc thru the print server properties/add additional driver"

Win 7 64 says sorry can't install 32 bit pgm on 64 bit op sys.... now wtf?
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  1. Go to the manufacturer's website, and download the 64bit driver for that printer. Yes, 32bit OSes need 32bit drivers and 64bit OSes need 64bit drivers. If the manufacturer doesn't offer a 64bit Win7 driver, I am afraid you are out of luck. This unfortunately happens fairly often. Manufacturers don't want to spend money on developing a new driver for an old printer they no longer sell. They would be much happier to sell you a new printer.
  2. what kind of printer?

    is the printer connected to the XP computer and shared?
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