Next Galaxy Note Could Come in Three Different Sizes

Would you like your Note in small, medium or large?

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  1. I thought 4.7" was a pretty ideal size for a usable phone IMHO. But as someone who uses their "phone" less and less, and their "mobile device" more and more, so long as I can carry the device, I'm not as concerned about how practical it is to hold up to my ear to use the phone feature.
  2. "Screen sizes listed are 5.5, 5.7 and 6 inches."
    If it was 5, 8, 10 inch, I would understand, but this is just outrageous.
    It doesn't even make sense from a marketing point of view with those models being so similar to each other in terms of size......
    From a Consumer point of view, it's just gonna be more niche choices instead of a true great offering
  3. I think 6" is my limit. If this is more than just TH'ism it'll be interesting to see what other specs differentiate the various versions.
  4. Small,medium and large?? More like large, very large and are you kidding me?
  5. Bigger the better but I'm hoping its just not a stretched out S4, seems to have the same specs, they can do better than the S4. Flexable screen?? Still loving my Note 1 till this hits in September.
  6. I'm hoping the 5.7" Note III will be similar dimensions, to the Note II, kinda like how the S4 is to the S3.
  7. I'd love a 10' version myself. I looked at the Galaxy Note 10.1 back when it came out, but I heard the Note 2 was so much more accurate with the pen input, I have been hoping for a tablet sized version of it since, but no dice so far.
  8. I currently have the Galaxy Note II (rooted with custom ROM) and loving it. Very good battery life and screen size to boot. Now they are coming out with 6" which is going to be nice but I think it will be my max limit.

    Anything bigger than 6" will be moving into tablet area and certainly would look funny to hold it against your face to use as a phone. I think what may happen the next generation phablets as screen gets even bigger folks will just use the bluetooth devices to make calls with. Imagine somebody walking around with a 10.1" "phone" against their face?
  9. Last week at work, I held a Nexus 7 up to my ear, and pretended like I was taking a phone call. To my surprise, nobody even reacted as if something strange was happening.
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