Internet sharing, pc connected to wifi sharing internet via lan to wireless router, is it possible ?

I have mz pc connected to wifi router no. 1. I want to share internet from my pc to another wifi router connected to lan port on my pc. Is there a way how to do it ? The wifi router no2 is asus rt-n10 lx. im using windows 8. Thank for your answers
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  1. Look, I bought this router for my girlfriends mom who has a pub in small village. There is rare internet connection so she uses usb 3g modem. She want to make wifi in her pub. I wanted to make it work like this > usb 3g modem > laptop > ethernet cable router > wifi sharing via router. Is there a way to make it work like that ? So the laptop will share net from usb to router and than router via wifi to other devices ? thanks for your help
  2. A little late but still:
    Doing the same with a lte 4g stick; isc does not support full umts/hsdap (?whatever it's called)3g4g sharing so you need to download third party virtual router called connectify me pro, which is obviously a payed app.. you can try to get unofficial versions nevertheless.. this way plug the 3g/4g stick to our pc, use connectify me - you still need to set internet sharing in windows (or whatever platform you're using) , so set source 3g4g adaptor to allow sharing over local (wired) network and set all services to allow and/or set ports nbers if necessary - stick the etherner cable to pc lan and router wan (!yes wan!).. now connect your pc to the router's wireless network and enjoy.. every other device that is connected to the router is on one network.. only con is that you need to be connected with the host pc to the wireless network at the same time as sharing over wire.. erhernet connection can only share internet, the network's still set by the router's dhcp server..
  3. Yes you can use a 3g/4g usb device and share the connection to a router it will require a PC in between to act as a server. Plug in your usb device in your case a 3g usb device, in my case I have an alfa awus036nh wireless adapter connected to tha 22Db directional yagi antenna pulling an internet connection from 4 blocks away in my attic hehe, but anyhow connect to your internet as you usually do. Connect an Ethernet cable from your pc to WAN port of your router, not one of your LAN ports but you should have a WAN. once connected simply go to control panel>network>network and sharing>Change adapter settings then simply right click your usb internet connection in your case your 3g connection right click the connection and click properties click the sharing tab and allow other users to connect through your internet connection whala. now youll be outputting your Internet signal via wireless router as long as the ethernet is connected WAN port. Everyone that says to use 3rd party software is incorrect. It all can be done through windows
  4. Yea you do not need to use Connectify at all, and if you were going to use software you could download "virtual router" because it is free. But all the softwares do is literally check a box for you to share your connection lol.
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