Gaming PC Build $300-$400?

My maximum budget is $400.
Starting from scratch, this is my first time and i need help please!
Any suggestions is appreciated
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  1. -my favorite case under $50
    Go with a phenom ii x4 955 processor- $90 (or FX if you want)
    Cheap mobo with good ratings $50 (i prefer Asus, but their not usually that cheap)
    4gb of ram $40
    PSU $20-40
    7770, or gtx650, ($130ish)


    Go on newegg and make some wishlists with different parts and decide what YOU really want for the money, go on youtube and type in potential builds and see how they fare on games, theres a lot of research to do
  2. When building, just remember to be sure to match everything with your motherboard. If you get an FX card, make sure its an AM3+ socket, if its an older phenom go with AM3 or AM3+. Be sure to check out your ram and what your motherboard can support and use power supply calculators for what youll need to have and have like a 20-30% power buffer on that. Theres a lot of research, ive been reading for almost a year now and still have such little knowledge on it, but im finally about to build. For cheap processors look AMD
  3. idk if you can see this, but this is a cheap build on an old wishlist i had
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