Camcorder HDD Format; Which file system? and removing write protection.

I have a JVC Everio camcorder with an 80gb hdd with FAT32 file system. I mainly film live events such as sports and music events which can run for hours. I was thinking of formatting the hard drive so I would be able to utilize the larger file sizes offered by other file systems, as I regularly go over 4GB. So I have a couple of questions regarding this.

1 Which file system would you recommend? (I was thinking exfat, I only really copy the files over to my windows 8 PC so compatibility with other OS' is not an issue)
2 Which AUS should I use when formatting?
3 I have tried to format the disk but it is write protected, so how can I remove this?
4 Is any of this a good idea? Is there any chance that I could harm the disc by doing these things or is there a way in which it could cause problems for the camcorder to write to the disk, or any other problems which you think may occur.

Thank You.
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  1. What is the model number of the HDD?

    What is the model number of the camcorder? Perhaps the service manual will have the needed information.

    For example, here is the SM for a GZ-MG505:

    What does HD Sentinel report about the HDD, including its security settings?
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