What does it mean by 60-76Hz in a monitor????

What does it mean by 60-76hz in a monitor, is that better than a 60hz monitor or the same?
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  1. It means, depending on the resolution and settings, it will work at 60hz, or up to 76hz. For LCD's, that generally means it is a 60hz monitor, and can only do 76hz at a lower resolution while using a DVI-D cable (still won't do it with HDMI).
  2. RawzEU said:
    Ok :) It's a LED monitor is it the same? ASUS VE247H 24 inch LED Widescreen

    An LED monitor is a LCD with LED backlighting. So its a 60hz monitor at its native resolution, with the possibility of a lower resolution (720p or lower generally), being about to hit 76hz.
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