Home Media server build. Sufficient Hardware?

Hey everyone,
I'm looking into building a home media server but don't really wanna spend an insane amount of money. I've put together a little build plan so if you guys could look and tell me what i might need to change in order to make it do its job. I know home servers don't need a lot of power but i'm not sure if this is simply to low end. Also if there are any good ways you guys could help me save even a few more bucks that would be great.

So will this do it's job?

Mobo- MSI FM2-A55-E33
Processor- AMD A4-5300
Memory- 4 GB of crucial Ballistix tactical RAM
Case/Psu- Logisys SOHO w/480W psu
OS-Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011

I have a spare 2TB hard drive that i'll put in it until i need more space. Then i'll purchase more

I'm going to be using for my gaming pc and my laptop which i am buying within the next few months. Also i would like to know if any of you know if i could connect my macbook pro to the server? I have a feeling i cant considering the home server is running windows. But i thought i'd ask anyway.
Also could i connect the server to my ps3 (and ps4 when released) as well as my iphone and ipod

Thanks in advance
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  1. What's your CPU and GPU?
  2. skilledman101-1362426 said:
    What's your CPU and GPU?

    cpu is in the description under processor and i dont need a gpu its a server. im not playing games or anything like that on it
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