i5 2500 non k vs 4670k vs 4770k

Hi guys!

I got a job finally so i want to upgrade my cpu and mobo.

My pc:

Mobo: P8H61-M LX2
CPU: i5 2500 non k version
CPU cooler: Cooler master hyper t4 +1 cooler master fan for Push pull configuration.
GPU: Sapphire Hd 7870 xt ( Tahiti )
Ram: 2x Kingmax 4gb 1333Mhz
PSU: Corsair GS 600W
Case: Sharkoon t9

1st question: Will i get a huge performance from i5 2500 non k version to 4670k or 4770k?

2nd question: Is it worth to upgrade since i want to play mostly Wow, Battlefield 4 (I know it's not out yet but it will be soon), tomb raider, etc.

3rd question: I heard about Haswell E coming out next year is it worth to wait for that and save some money for future proof pc?

4th question: If i'm going to buy Haswell cpu which cooler do you suggest?
noctua nh-d14 or corsair h100i or corsair h110?

(Sorry about my bad english typing, still learning it, and please don't be mad at me i just need some advice from you guys who have that cpu and experience)
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  1. 1) If you want overclock, yeah, the performance among those 3 CPU is totally different. The 2500 can't be overclocked as high as the other two.
    2) Maybe worth the update, but I would wait until BF4 specs goes live to check if Haswell or Ivy can run it.
    3) Haswell-E would be expensive and maybe can give you only 2 or 3 years as max.
    4) I would go with the h100i, if you case can handle off course.
  2. If you're overclocking you'll want a "k" series CPU. More or less the only difference between the i5 and i7 is hyperthreading, the i7 has it and the i5 doesn't. Generally it's better to upgrade your GPU, but your build is more or less well-rounded, so either one will be fine. I wouldn't bother with Haswell-E. And I'd go for the h100i, you also want to mount it in the front of your case.
  3. Yeah i forgot to meantion that i want to OC it.

    Well than i go for haswell for sure:).

    Maybe my best choice is i5 4670k since it's for gaming and not going to use hyperthreading.

    Thankyou guys for your help! Keep helping other people like me!:)
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