PC crash when playing games/black pixels then no connection immediately after

Whenever I start to play a game I can play it sometimes for five minutes tops then weird pixels would appear on the screen and then my screen will go blank whilst the audio in the game is still in the back ground. Then I can't access my computer without having to manually shut it down and wait for around 10-20 minutes and it would boot up fine again?! I have updated all of my drivers and even my bios for my mother board and I'm wondering if its a problem with my power supply.
I have a XFX RADEON 7950, AMD FX6100 and a gigabyte 990xa-ud3 motherboard. Please help!
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  1. Sounds like heat: If you aren't using Gigabytes monitoring program download and run the one from from HWINFO64.
    Is the interior of your PC clean and relatively dust free? The intake for your PSU clean and not clogged with dust?
    Have you removed your video card and cleaned it with canned air?
    What case are you using?(airflow concerns). Are you overclocking anything: if so go back to stock speed.
    Once the PC is clean, the next step is to check out the video card, as the weird pixels indicate a video related problem.
    Borrow or buy another video card, install it in your system, and see if the problem occurs again. Using a card that is currently running properly in another PC is the best choice as new cards can be defective from the factory.

    Please tell us the complete configuration of you system with the next post, that will help with setting the direction of any more trouble shooting.
  2. Ok sorry! I know that my rig is pretty dust free because I clean it regularly. I'll try installing another video card when I get home from work.
    I've never heard of the gigabyte monitoring program so I'll look for the download for it asap. Thanks and I'll update you as soon as I can.
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