How to delete windows xp without safe mode

hello guys
i recently installed windows xp , but now i cannot boot my previous windows ( w8 ) and now i want to delete windows xp so the problem may be solved

so is there anyway to delete windows xp without safe mode ? because when i run safe mode , it stuck on mup.sys and sometimes classpnp.sys
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  1. In order to dual boot windows OS's, you need to install them in order from oldest to newest, otherwise as you found out, it will hose up your other OS installations.

    Just reinstall win8. During the install you should have the option to create/delete disk partitions. Delete all partitions, create a new one for win8, then continue installion of win8.

    Another option is to try a repair install of win8 and it might fix the boot loader. If this works, you can then boot into win8 and format the XP partition.
  2. If you just want Windows 8 then insert the installation DVD or USB format and install... Simples
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