MLC vs TLC SSD life span, reliability and models?

With the 840 EVO coming out in August I'm having a tough time deciding on an SSD. Mainly because I want an SSD with a reasonable lifespan. There has been much debate about the life expectancy of TLC drives and latency and I can't afford an SLC therefore MLC is the next best choice. Yes I know that tlc is technically a 3-bit MLC but there are still some fine differences. I use my hardware for video editing and some gaming so I've been considering the 840 Pro and the 840 EVO but the life expectancy of the TLC drives is my concern. I don't want a fast drive expensive drive that won't last.

So here are my questions.
Should I go with an MLC or TLC drive based upon reliability and life expectancy.
If I do go for an MLC drive which are the best models.
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  1. I know the differences between SLC, MLC and TLC. SLC has the highest life expectancy but is not affordable on a consumer base level.

    MLC- Multi Layer Cell
    Lower endurance limit than SLC
    10,000 program/erase cycles per cell
    Lower cost
    A good fit for consumer products. Not suggested for applications which require frequent update of data.
    TLC- Three Layer Cell
    Higher density
    Lower endurance limit than MLC and SLC
    TLC has slower read and write speeds than conventional MLC
    5,000 program/erase cycles per cell
    Best price point
    A good fit for low-end basic products. Not suggested for critical or important applications at this time which require frequent updating of data.

    Therefore you are left with MLC and TLC. As I mentioned before I want reliability and speed so I am leaning towards MLC drives rather than a TLC drive. But with the onset of the new TLC drives that have been said to last 11 years or how much longer does an MLC drive last in comparison. And with the newer technologies built into these NAND's I can not only see lower latency but better life expectancy. So I want some opinions on the life expectancy of newer drives like the 840 EVO and the Pro vs and MLC drive. I also want some recommendations for MLC drives that provide low latency read and writes.

    I'm looking for either a 250 or 500 GB drive with company that has a great track record such as Intel or Samsung in the SSD world for both MLC and TLC drives. And if anyone has an opinion as to why I should choose one over another.
  2. The Samsung 840 was tested and found to have 3x the lifespan advertised.
  3. Would you consider purchasing the 840, 840pro or the 840 Evo. I personally want to see a comparison between the 840 Evo and the Crucial's M500.
  4. The 840 256gig is the fastest I've ever owned , and I've owned 5 different brands.
  5. Well here is a fun new MLC SSD PCIe toy. The Rog Raidr with my Asus Extremv VI would be nice.,23699.html
  6. For all who are concerned with life spans of a TLC based SSD Drive don't be. Here is a link from a bunch of very dedicated people that abused a couple a Samsung SSD's (TLC).
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