Preview: Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus and Lite Ultrabooks

Samsung's rolling out new ultrabooks, one of which has the crazy resolution of 3200 x 1800.

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  1. Book 9 Plus looks really nice. I like the design and the aluminum build. If they can build a 3200x1800 multi touch screen panel, why not a QHD monitor for under $1000? C'mon Sammy!
  2. I was hoping the 9 Plus might be a little less expensive than the Q. Unless I'm wrong, the Q is also $1499, which makes it pretty much better in every specs with the option to transform it into a tablet, except for the touchpad which is actually quite important to me. Perhaps if the Mycestro is as good as it looks, I might not need the touchpad.
  3. PLEASE Samsung, release at least 1 machine that has better battery life than the Apple machine... If you don't I'll never hear the end of it
  4. Interesting stuff, but any reason why you did this nearly 2 months after the rest of the tech press? What's the next big tech review, Windows XP?
  5. Why is the ATIV Q sold crippled with only 4GB of RAM? After the Android dual OS feature takes away about 1 GB you are barely left 3 GB to run Windows and get your work done. I love the Q but 4GB is absurd for this $1500 laptop. I'd gladly pay more for extra RAM.
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