GPU Scaling is not working - Windows 8 64bit- AMD HD7950 Catalyst 13.6

This problem hasn't got a problem with common Overscan nor the grayout problem. I've gone through all of that.

I have a HD7950 with a 2560x1440 monitor on Windows 8 64bit. Whenever it's a graphically intense game I use a 1920x1080 resolution but ill regardless of the resolution expect the native it appear to be boxed with borders.

I've enabled Scale image to full panel size on the Catalyst control panel but this makes no difference. Even tried Maintain aspect ratio again no difference exactly the same.

I've downgraded the drivers to 13.5 and on 13.6 beta made no difference. The only way to work and get a Full screen at 1920x1080 is dropping the Desktop native to 1080 but that's not what I want.

Please any idea's or even a solution would be very grateful.
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  1. Sadly, it is a problem only Intel and their HD series drivers have fixed (ironic as you still can't force on/off V-sync), sorry.

    Best you can do, make a short cut to the Control Panel on you're desktop to the resolution adjustment panel. Now you can change the resolution before you play a game.
  2. I have just seen that you were talking ATI. Yeah, same problem though. Scaling on ATI drivers is done by the driver, not the user. Sorry. Nothing you can do.
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