Origin PC Outs New 13" Haswell-based Laptop, BTS Promo

Origin is offering free gifts and U.S.-based shipping for one week only.

Origin PC Outs New 13" Haswell-based Laptop, BTS Promo : Read more
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  1. Hope their is a good warranty on it because, equipped like it it, it will generate a lot of heat. I don't understand 1920x1080 on a 13 inch screen though. @ 1150 $ it's a good price.


    "All ORIGIN PC systems come with free lifetime 24/7 phone and online service basedin the United States. Each customer has a dedicated support team and free lifetime labor for upgrade needs. ORIGIN PC's Evolve Upgrade Program allows customers to purchase a custom PC now, and trade in their parts whenever they want to upgrade. Every ORIGIN PC features a 1 to 3 year free part replacement warranty combined with the best inclass integration, quality testing and support. "

    1 to 3 years sounds a little dodgy to me..... too bad
  2. yea cause I'm going to spend that kind of money to game on a 13 inch screen...I'd just pick up an MSI gaming laptop with a 17 inch screen at that price
  3. This is just a Clevo notebook rebranded... you can get the same configuration for $200 less at
  4. I wonder what kind of haswell based macbook pro's will have.
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