Nvidia's Shield Android-Based Console Finally Arrives

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  1. Why exactly would I want to stream a game from my PC with a 30" monitor to a handheld with a 5" screen?
  2. And no one cared....
  3. 'There's a microSD card slot on the back, but don't expect to offload apps onto the additional storage: Google nuked that "app2sd" ability a few updates back.'

    Why does Google hate microSD expansion, has anyone figured out why Google removed it, they really should bring it back to Android, and stop the hate for microSD!
  4. You would play on a 5" screen because you can move to another room and play in bed or on the toilet also you won't have the noise problem that many people have with their PCs
  5. 1.3 lbs is too heavy for my taste. it really needs to ship with 128 gb or 256 gb internal storage. 16 gb storage is just not enough for a gaming device. especially when the 'app2sd' got nuked in android.
  6. I can think of a much better solution than Nvidia Shield but I'm happy that it will at least motivate more developers to put joypad controls in their games. Touch-Screen or mouse controls are completely unacceptable for certain types of games and should be removed.
  7. @ notsleep 1.3lbs is a tad heavy but to me it's acceptable. I do agree that 16GB of storage is not enough, it should be either 32 or 64 to start and have higher priced models with 128 - 256GB of storage. I might consider one of these just to play emulated console games on, just because it's portable, and I can play my favorite classic SNES games on it like Final Fantasy II and III (FF6), Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana!
  8. I think there are a few reasons that google hates SD cards.

    1. they want you to use thier cloud storage via google drive more advertising money fo rthem

    2. user experience sd cards just are not as fast as acessing its own info, that is one reason apple does not offer this function on IOS and i agree it is not great for runing or installing apps, but for media storage sd cards are fine.

    I agree 16 gigs is not alot, but -256 gigs of storage in a device like this would add alot to the price... that said I am surprised they don't offer different vertions with different amoutns of storage/price points
  9. Once some GRID gaming services get out in the public, the Shield will likely support them , too
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