Android-powered Galaxy NX Priced At £1,299 in UK

No word on North American or international release dates.

Android-powered Galaxy NX Priced At £1,299 in UK : Read more
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  1. Hmm.. close.. but I need a Galaxy Note sized screen on my camera :P
  2. Even if this is as good as mid range canon or nikon DSLRs, you could buy a GS4, AND a decent canon DSLR for less money than this camera. You could even use the GS4 to read the images you just took with your DSLR.

    No one is going to buy this.
  3. So... Will Google compress every single picture you take and send to their servers?

  4. I can imagine it being useful for people on the move at events and wanting to get pictures back to editors asap, but not for serious or even keen amateur photographers. I'd get a midrange canon/equivalent brand and spend the other 60%~ of the budget on a high end lens.
  5. Lately Samsung is convinced they're Apple or something. Stick the name Galaxy/iThing and it will sell by itself, even if it's way overpriced.

    This thing cannot work as a real phone, and as a camera you can buy far better DSLR for much less. The only market it could had is the casual photographer that doesn't want to wait to upload their photos, and for them there's better solutions like the lumia 1020, or the newer compact cameras with wireless capabilities.
  6. A year ago, at Samsung HQ:

    "We're making too much money, guys. What can we do stem the tide of cash? Chen's suggestion to use cash instead of toilet paper is proving ineffective."

    "...I've got it! Let's waste money making a camera which incorporates an Android smartphone! It will combine the features of both devices while simultaneously being harder to use than either of them!"

    "Brilliant! Genius! But wait - people might actually want to buy it."

    "You're right. Hmm.. let's also make it unrealistically expensive."

    "...You just got yourself a promotion, Mr Liang. It is decided. OK, next item on the agenda: how big can we make a smartphone screen before people realise it's actually a tablet?"
  7. Samsung is spreading itself too thin. This camera will lose money.
  8. Mirrorless cameras are NOT DSLR's!!
    A Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras have Mirrors/Prisims projecting the image to a Viewfinder.
    This would be a Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera...

    Still, am I the only one that feels this camera-phone is overpriced and overrated?
  9. It's a mirrorless that's shaped like a DSLR...very much like the GH3 in terms of design. Though there are so many other options out there such as the Sony NEX 6, Olympus OMD EM-5, and the Fuji X-E1 that are all well below the price point of a simplified Samsung...
  10. looks cool, neat idea... i wouldn't pay for it, but then again I still use my old cannon rebel dslr with 35mm film and develop my own pictures (have a digital camera point and shoot, but i am a film snob for real pictures X.x) i do agree this is overpriced I liek the idea of a good (though as said non-dslr) sensor and more camera functionality if only so I can maybe see mroe good pictures on facebook and social media that isn't put through a terribad filter via instagram.
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