Best 8GB RAM to use with Asrock 970 Extreme4 + FX8350?

The price can't be over 70 euros.
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  1. rAv3nzZ said:
    The price can't be over 70 euros.

    Can you send us the link of the store you are buying from. Also in which country do you live?
  2. Amazon Spain.
  3. This should be the best RAM in my opinion. It is fast, it is small and it looks awesome (might be a factor for some). It should work awesome, just get it. It is a good one

    G.Skill Sniper :

    Other Option :

    1. Corsair Vengance :

    2. G.Skill Rigpaws X :

    These are some of the best choices. The reason that I did not recommended the Corsair Vengance at the first place is because it's heatsinks are quite big which can cause clearance issues with some CPU Coolers, which is why i recommended the G.Skill Sniper. It is an awesome small RAM which is a very good performer.

    I hope this helps. Is there anything else I can do for you? I would be happy to help.
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