APC UPS battery calibration issue

I have an APC UPS for which i replaced the battery few days back.
The UPS shuts down the PC within a minute of going to battery. If manually i abort the shutdown (user alert on PC), my pc continues to run at least 45 minutes! I tried to calibrate the battery, but didnt help (Let the UPS drain down to zero on a resistive load which was 35% UPS capacity. And then recharged to full).
Power chute software usually shows the estimated time, but shows nothing here now.

What is the problem? How do i fix this?
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  1. Old was CS3 - 12V (couldnt not see the mAh, stickers on it, dosent come off.)
    New is Exide - 12V, 7mAh

    On battery with 100W load i get at least 45 mins and with 300W resistive load i got 17 mins.
  2. If its all good then why does the UPS shut down my PC withing one minute of going to battery?
  3. yea...but my problem was how to fix it

    The "software" is on the UPS!
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