Can I get a wise and knowledgeable opinion about a gaming pc i am building pretty plz?

Problem is I havent build a PC of any kind in over 2 years, and I am not to sure of what is considered a good spec for my PC anymore.

I want a gamer PC that is above decent as I am tried of running low graphics so I do not LAG in game.

I want to see the detail in games, (shadows i would still leave off - don't need that much detail =P

my budget is 1k for the total of these 6 pieces below: '

1) EVGA GeForce GTX 660 ti 2gb GDDR5 FTW LE
2) Power Supply - 900W
3) MSI Motherboard 990FXA-GD80
4) AMD FX 8 core Processor Black Edition 4.0 GHz
5) Patriot DDR3 2x8gb PC-3 12800-1600 MHz
6) APC Battery Back UP 650 VA 62 min 8 outlets (my power wattage varies, wiring screwy here)

Thank you so very much. =)


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  1. you will be better prefomrance with a intel prcessor and your poewr suply you have sselected is way to much and the quaility of power suply depends on the manufactures`
  2. I am also going to recommend the Intel route, the i5-3570K is a nice CPU choice. Agreed about the power supply, you could definitely roll with a ~600 watt power supply (although there are calculators out there that can help calc your total power usage). Ram is good, I don't think any games are even pushing more than 8 GB of ram though. The video card is solid, although it may be limiting at max settings depending on your monitor resolution (if it's 1920X1080 or lower, you're fine).
  3. hmmmm so AMD is no longer the gamer choice of processors? I did a calculate on the Pwr wattage at newegg and it suggests 499, so thank you on the power over kill warning. I got burned by intel a while back and thats why I went with AMD, also AMD was a lot cheaper at the time. Ill price it out and see whats doable. Thank you both very much for your feed back. Again GREATLY appreciated. Take care!
  4. i will help you if you can giveme your budget
  5. and if you need a os and monitor
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    AMD has fallen short on gamers for many generations of CPU now - Used to be king... but sadly not anymore. i5-3570 is a great option, 3570k if you want some overclocking options down the road. Good call on the PSU, but do not go less than 550 at LEAST. Would advise a 600w. XFX, Corsair TX/AX/GS series, Seasonic all very reputable quality. You can also goto and see his 300+ PSU reviews if you want to investigate a specific one before buying. If you do windup going with a 3570k for overclocking later, I would suggest g.Skill or Corsair Vengance for RAM. Patriot is decent ram, but not always great for OC purposes.

    edit: almost forgot - if you decide to switch to intel as we suggested, take a look at the Asus P8-z77 boards. Great value, performance, and options on them. There's a whole series of different price ranges and onboard options. (and they are reputable for overclocking too ;) )
  7. thank you avery much!
  8. thanks legokill but my non computer savy fiance went and bought the items on the recommendation of salesmen at Frys soooooo... i gotta make do for now.. =/ (he is so proud of what he has done for me cant burst his bubble) i put it together but now I have an error 99 or is it 66 on the led bug panel and im stumped.. tried different slots for the memory and tried the 1000 wat and a 650 wat .... tried two video cards... and the monitor is non responsive.. ugh.... now i remember why i stopped building computer rigs... lol ive tried the hmdi and the div cables imnot sure what else to do now... any suggestions... and I reallly thank you for the suggestions, just sorry I could not take all your sugestions... least i got the lower wattage power supply =)
  9. Salesman... always so... "helpful"... lol

    ok well work with what we got - code 99... oh boy here we go:
    that is a non descript debug code that doesn't point ot anything at all lol but says something is wrong. Not posting kinda says this anyway, but for some reason they feel a need for a code for it lol. OFTEN, this is a short on the back of the mobo during install where it is touching the mobo support plate, a screw is not insulated properly, or a standoff is touching where it should not be. Best way to test for this - take mobo OUT of pc, place on a block of noncoductive material (like wood) and try a boot. if it boots outside the box you found your problem.

    The other problem(s) possible - bad cpu or bad ram. double check properly seated, cpu does not have bent pins.

    We'll get ya up n runnin again. hey. look at it this way - worst case scenario, you can return for defect and get what you wanted! lol
  10. I contacted Frys and told them about the error code 99 and the guy said.. is it msi 990FXA-GD80 and i said yes and he said oooooooooooooooooooooooh boy justs bring it back in we cant do anything about it. LOL. So right now im off to Frys to return the motherboard and the CPU and the memory I am going to try and get the intel the guys earlier in this thread posted. Because this whole system was suggested by the customer care comp guy. So I think I have a foot to stand on. also returning the memory for something more OC friendly. So this may actually work out to my advantage! finally something good lol. UGH.... but in actuality I rather build my own PC then be stuck with a bunch of garbage i dont want in a premade rig. Thats the whole reason I decided to build my own. My first comp was from Gateway and when I got it home 75% of the memory was already gone on my hard drive cause of all the crap GateWay saw fit to put onto my hard drive forcing me to buy a bigger hard drive or I bought an external hard drive at the time. AGain THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the help and the great suggestions. this site is by far the most helpful I have come across in 20 years. and I just noticed that this site is based in UK? thats cool. *hugs* all round!
  11. i5-357Ok ...... Asus p8-z77 mobo series..... and g.skill or Corsair Vengence .... ok think i got off.. wish me luck pretty plz. =)
  12. you go girl! lol let us know how it goes
  13. Ok this is the build i ended up buying :

    asus z87-PLUS (the fry's in my area no longer carries the P8-z77 series)
    corsair Vengeance LP 2x8gb 1600 Mhz
    Intel Core i5-4570 (all the i5-3750k were open beat up looking packages and same price)

    650 antec earthwatts 650
    evega GTX 660ti
    650 back up battery

    I hope this build is workable! Now to put it together here I go!
  14. you should be more than happy with that!

    Now, if you desire to overclock, be aware - haswell is a hot chip -don't bother without a GOOD cooler like Nouctua NH-U14s, Thermalright Silver Arrow Extreme, etc.
  15. ugh computer wont start with both ddr3s in the slots.... i am using just one stick of cosair and now I am in a loop of windows repair. when I choose the runs windows normal I get a flash of what appears to be a blue screen then it goes right back into run windows repair option. ugh.... computers i love to build you and i hate to build you... grrrrrr.... oh and windows repair can not find the problem. =/ any ideas?
  16. think i know the prob... i upgraded everything.. but forgot to do a clean and fresh hard drive... im guessing its like putting a new hose in an old clunker and just cant take all the upgrades.... my bad... thank you all so so so much!
  17. the hd/ssd is not the issue likely,but rather a CMOS setting of DDR XMP profile

    edit: windows vista and above assigns an ID to devices based on product key and onboard chip ID. wipe MBR (fdisk /mbr) to resolve, or if able to actually boot into windows, reassign mechanical ID when given option. Only other option is hs/ssd wipe and clean install
  18. Thank you buzz 247, I bought a new hard drive anyways. and finally figured out the memory problem. So far all good. I got the original drive working so got two drives at the moment. ill put it to one HD but that will take some time, lots of BS to go through. lol.
    Now just playing with the settings ... silent versus standard verse optimal verses full power captain! but ill need a better heat sink for that setting. *hugs* thanks to all that suggested in this post. your all awesome. =)
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