windows 8 64-bit after shutdown hangs-system,fans,power+hdd data light still run,blank screen

My acer v3-751 64bit laptop was shut down tonight, I have been told, around 7.20pm. The screen went blank, yet the power light and fans were still on, and the user on the system was still able eject the dvd drive. Adding a dvd, it would whirr but get stuck in attempting to read the disc, as you would expect. Most notably, the data light on the laptop was constantly blinking-so it seemed to have been stuck in some kind of infinite loop. After being told about this blank screen problem much later and seeing it myself, I pressed the shutdown key. Nothing happened. I finally forced a shutdown+restart much later at 9.20, as no key functions awoke the computer, and I did not have a cable to attempt to connect it to a tv, as a last min effort to wake the system or view screen content. The system rebooted and functioned thereafter as normal, but this issue will likely happen again. I have had screen freezes before on the login screen wallpaper (no buttons can get me to the password screen), and when the system is set to 'blank screensaver' (no buttons can get me out of it-remains blank) so I am wondering if anyone knows what the current shutdown problem could possibly down to. I had some freezes with early Windows 7 also, which ended up being due to graphics drivers. I believed this might be the same with 8, as my system was fully up to date with no new installations. I changed to intels own generic software from acers own pre-installed software. No freezes during usage to date aside from this shutdown issue, so I cannot say for sure if this is related.

The system was logged in as administrator, so I am wondering how to distinguish where the issue lies from within the event viewer. The system doesnt have any notable admin event between time of shutdown 7.20 and forced shutdown+restart at 9.20. The only event in admin between 7.20 and 9.20 is at
'20.14-the storage optimizer completed defragmentation on push button reset'. I don't know if this was due to a power button press at this time or something else. The CBS log (click here) might give a better idea of the cause of my blank screen, as it shows more activity. The system has been shutting down ok for over a week after I changed the graphics driver, no issues. I don't think there have been any windows 8 updates recently, and no new installations. There were no major programs running just before shutdown, as the system is mainly used for browsing the internet.

Screen freezes and shutdown issues seem to be the most common problems with 8, along with conflicting programs, or programs that are not 100 percent 64 bit compatible. Perhaps there is just not enough 64 bit support at the moment.Some websites claim running scannow multiple times, using less programs at once to avoid conflict, the need of a BIOS update, change of graphics, USB or internal memory card reader drivers, switching off 'fast startup' (hybrid boot or hybrid shutdown), uninstalling Expat Shield, disabling hybernation, or choosing to 'turn off Wifi to save power' may also be fixes for freezes.

If my cbs log gives a better indication of the reason to my blank screen, any help would be great before I attempt any of the above. I tried a sfc scan earlier, shows from 1.42 in the cbs log-multiple owner conflicts for directories, but I do not think they are related to the shutdown error. The is an acer aspire laptop from day one has always given non correctable errors in cbs, and they do pre-install a lot of software which is unnecessary, sometimes arguably not even windows 8 compatible (eg the windows error log mentions this for a driver in 'C-program files (x86)-acer-officeaddin2003-exceladdin2003.dl'). I wonder how much of that can cause issues. Most of the bloatware however installed is app-related (eg netflix love film wanting that subscription) and not used at all. Thanks.
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  1. I suspect that the ability for W8 to 'sleep' etcetera is not all it could be. I had to prevent this machine from going to sleep as it couldn't 'wake' without problems. Maybe choosing 'Never' in your Power Options is the only short term solution...and hope 8.1 will address the problem.
  2. dodger46 said:
    I suspect that the ability for W8 to 'sleep' etcetera is not all it could be. I had to prevent this machine from going to sleep as it couldn't 'wake' without problems. Maybe choosing 'Never' in your Power Options is the only short term solution...and hope 8.1 will address the problem.

    Thanks for the reply, I suspect and hope the user hit that hibernate or sleep button instead of shutdown. The acer has its own power button on the taskbar with all power options. The system has been set to never sleep for a long time, but I don't think there is a way to hide any sleep or hybernate options without third party customization of windows, which I'd rather not do. I had to change nickname as toms hardware seems unable send out an email to change my password,lol.
  3. I had same prob....i tried new windows installation on my dell inapiron 15r n5110 but prob.not solve i tried everything bias version upgrade downgrade also ....thn i decide to disassemble my laptop....i download disassemble video of my laptop....thn i clean dust n place cmos battery to slot...and after tht my laptop work fine.... :-)
  4. thanks for the reply :D ......I never did find out the true reason on 8.0, I did try disabling hibernation and fast boot, but if I remember correctly they made no difference. I believe quite a few issues within 8.0 came down to poor intel graphics driver support at first on certain hardware. My model is the one with integrated graphics (v3-571, not v3-571g). This may have been one of them.

    After a few windows updates, the problem disappeared. Sleep and hibernation work fine.
    The only issue I've ever had in 8.1 is with the 'right click' mouse menu, taking more seconds than it should to appear on screen (it used to be 15s at worst on my Acer). The problem seems to be quite common but most people seem to only have 3 to 5seconds of lag. I eventually reinstalled a clean 8.1 without any acer bloatware, and it is much better now (2-3s). The hardware causing the problem on my acer is possibly the Atheros Bluetooth Module, according to

    No issues at all now, 8.1 is running fine :)
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