will Broadwell come with DDR4?

will broadwell series support DDR4?
do you have any info about time of DDR4 arrival?
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  1. i found this elsewhere...

    SHANGHAI, July 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/-- Montage Technology, a global fabless provider of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for the home entertainment and cloud computing markets, has introduced the industry's first production ready dual-mode DDR4 Registering Clock Driver (RCD) that supports both Registered Dual In-line Memory Module (RDIMM) and Load Reduced DIMM (LRDIMM) modes for use in next generation server platforms. The RCD is fully compliant with the JEDEC 0.92 specification which defines a single central RCD device that can be used independently on a RDIMM or in conjunction with nine Data Buffers (DB) on an LRDIMM.

    http://www.consumerelectronicsnet.com/article/Montage-Technology-introduces-the-industrys-first-JEDEC-092-specification-compliant-DDR4-Registering-Clock-Driver-and-Data-Buffer-for-DDR4-RDIMMs-and-LRDIMMs-2731333 the full article.

    so ddr4 is here now.
    yes broadwell is slated to use ddr4 as is the haswell e
    they will develop it on the haswell platform and implement it cheaply on broadwell.
  2. thanks,
    so since there is rather much time till broadwell's presentation, can we conclude when the broadwell is ready, it will come with DDR4?
    by the way do you think it's a wise move to pay more money for buying haswell and 1150 socket mains instead of Ivy and 1155 just in order to take one step forward? in other word I want to know will these 1150 sockets mains which we have now, be able to support broadwell as well?
  3. My guess is that DDR4 will release with Skylake, the architecture after Haswell/Broadwell. We might see DDR4 on LGA1150 systems similar to DDR2/3 on LGA775, where various boards supported one or the other.
  4. broadwell from what i gather will be a soldered on to the motherboard solution if intel get there way. although the motherboard manufacturers are trying and maybe succeeding in changing intels stance on this. if ddr4 comes down in price quick enough then theres no reason why intel wont add it to there linup, but it will all depend on how haswell e sells as to how quickly the price of ddr4 drops.

    ram manufacturers dont want to switch over to it any time soon because the build cost of ddr3 ram is so low and its getting so fast @3000hz+. while ddr4 will be relatively slow in comparison at release, but will cost a lot more to produce. and the fact that ddr3 is so fast means they cant really justify the premium on the initially slower (but more bandwidth) ddr4, so would have a hard time recouping inital costs.

    1 other thing, its taken them 4 years to get from ddr3 1066 up to ddr3 3100+, it may take just as long to see comparable ddr4 bumps.
  5. Emir said:
    will broadwell series support DDR4?
    do you have any info about time of DDR4 arrival?

    Tbh DDR4 will make normal 90 percent more then the laptops desktops say you buy 300 cheap one well that cheap one with ddr will be 600 high end normal pc 700 quid ddr4 high end 1200 but not coming till 2016 or later if you have money you can get 2014 for around 9k its a se ver platform ram
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