Enabling OnBoard Lan hangs Windows 7 at startup screen

Im having windows7 32 bit, it just happened out of sudden my system hanged, I forcibly cut off the power and rebooted. At the startup screen where the four balls appear forming windows, my system hanged(everytime thereafter).

I tried to tweak some settings in the BIOS and found that switching off the ON BOARD LAN clears the problem. This even deprives me off from any internet activity. I tried to find topics with similar problems, but to no avail.

I have live-booted with Ubuntu to make sure that my on-board LAN hardware is OK. Ubuntu has no problems, it ran flawlessly.
I have tried taking out the ethernet cable and rebooting. Tried to shut down the CPU taken off the power cable and tried to press the power button for about 10minutes to make sure the chips in the CPU are completely discharged.
After all I reinstalled a fresh copy of windows 7.

Its almost 5 days of trying to restore my windows 7 back to normal still my computer crashes at the startup screen.

Kindly help me. Your help would be highly appreciated. Thank you
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  1. can you boot into Safe Mode with Networking?
  2. neither Safe Mode nor Safe Mode With Networking works
    both hang at the point when CLASSPNP.sys driver is loaded
  3. Worst case, you can leave the onboard LAN disabled and install a 3rd party NIC.
  4. but I just want to know the possible reason,
    nothing special I did; a sudden out of the box change and I'm rendered helpless!

    of course it is not an hardware problem, since its working with Ubuntu.
    So has anybody else ran into such problem.
    Is it a windows issue or an ASUS's driver issue ?
  5. I haven't run into this issue before, but seeing that a live CD works fine with the onboard LAN I would guess it's a driver issue.

    It's a long shot, but what condition is the hard drive in? Have you ran a chkdsk (with onboard lan disabled of course). Having reinstalled win7 kind of negates this theory, but it might be worth a shot.
  6. Windows didn't find any problem in the system - from the ChkDsk.
    Everything seems OK when Onboard LAN is disabled, so troubleshooting doesn't find an error when its turned off.
    Whereas when its turned on I can't reach to the desktop to do any troubleshooting!!

    Just out of curiosity, doesn't reinstalling windows reinstall every driver ?
  7. how would it be to install Ubuntu permanently and using it to surf the net and use Windows otherwise offline ? can there be any complications ?


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  8. have you tried booting into Windows with network card disabled and delete the driver in the Device Manager?

    While in the Device Manager click View menu and choose Show Hidden Devices. You network card should show up now.
    Try Role Back Driver first, reboot and enable NIC. If there are no drivers to role back to or this did not work try deleting the network card from the Device Manager and see if Windows will reinstall it on the next reboot.
  9. There is no driver for my NIC in the list under Network Adapters. There was something like Windows Adapter 1027..
    that I was able to uninstall(roll-backing was greyed out). But still after I enable the NIC the system hangs on boot.

    I tried to boot after disabling Boot-GUI. The computer hangs after
    "Loaded: /Windows/system32/Drivers/CLASSPNP.sys"
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