Is my PC build compatible?

I am planning on building my first PC with a $900 budget (aus). Here are the components so far, are they compatible also for my price range, should I make any adjustments?
CPU: AMD A8 5600k 4-core
GPU: Radeon HD7770 1GB GHz edition
RAM: Corsair Vengeance ddr3(2x4gb)
HDD: WD green 1tb
PSU: Cosair CX-500 modular 80+ bronze
OPTICAL: Lite-on 24x DVDRW
CASE: CoolerMaster K280
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  1. Am I able to use the full 1GB of graphics as the AMD A8 has integrated graphics?
  2. antiglobal said:
    Of course. It is a graphic cards RAM (GDDR3/5) and the integrated GPU in the processor uses system RAM (DDR3).

    Thanks man, appreciate the help :)
  3. You can probably tightly fit a FX-6300 CPU in there instead of the A8.
    Probably only better if you do some rendering and not just gaming.
  4. antiglobal said:
    He can't put a AM3+ CPU in a FM2 socket.

    Yeah, but there's motherboards AM3+ for the same price.
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