100c temps in Prime 95 on a 4770k with a Hyper 212 EVO @ stock speeds

I have been getting some awfully high temp readings in AIDA64, HWMonitor, and Core temp, 100C at the most while running Prime 95 blend test. Even though I am using a Hyper 212 EVO cooler and the chip is still at stock speeds. I have already reseated it once and I am using artic mx 4 TIM. I have installed 212+'s and 212 EVO's many times. I have a costa rican 3770k in the same room with a EVO on it that never got over 80C running prime overclocked at 4.5ghz and 1.25 vt.

Did I get a bad chip?

its a Malay L312B327 e4

Malay 4770k
MSI MPower Z87 mobo
Corsair 750TX
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  1. What was your ambient temp?
    My 4670k was 99c on intelburntest at stock speeds with a little weaker cooler (tx3 evo) and since i7 is hotter than i5 maybe its reasonable...
  2. More likely, poor contact. remove cooler, clean thermal paste with rubbing alcohol and qtip, reapply thermal paste (try not to use stock garbage and get something decent if overclocking like that, like Arctic Mx-4 or my fav Tuniq Tx-4) using a BB sized dot only! don't even spread out, just place heatsink down flat, do not lay on at an angle, tighten screws evenly a little at a time as you go back and forth on them. then try again
  3. i'm at the same msi gd65 z87 i7 4770k 4gbs ram@1600,oc to 4.20 prime95 temps say 100c for whole 2mins30sec i stoped the test...norm opertion temps are 59-65c-gaimg temps r 70-90c.have a t2 for a cooler from coolermaster t2
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