Acer Aspire S3-391 Hybrid drive replacement with SSD

Looking to replace Hybrid with SSD. Who has drive replacement instructions? What are the dimensions of the OEM drive? Specifically, the "height" (thinnest dimension) I have the 270GB w/20GB SSD.

Thanks in advance for any input. Much appreciated!
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  1. You may want to follow this guide for clean installing Win7 on the new SSD. IT will help you avoid pitfalls associated with the inherent differences between a HDD and a SDD.
  2. The dimensions of the OEM drives vary. The height is normally either 9mm or 7mm. It's best to look at the manufacture's specs. (or take out the original drive and measure) You didn't post any info about your laptop, so i can't give you help with that.
  3. The height of internal drive is 7mm.
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