[FS] MSI R5770 HAWK Graphics Card - $100

**Asking for $115 Shipped** or Best Offer!

**Paypal Verified**

More info can be found here:
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  1. Bump - Still available!
  2. jerseymods said:
    Bump - Still available!

    And will be for awhile at that price -- figure you can get a brand new 2 generation newer card like the 7770 which will run much faster and uses less power for around $85 (was on sale the other day for $70 but that sale is over) IF you really want to sell it you need to look around and see what they are actually selling for ( Selling for not LISTED FOR SALE AT) and adjust your price accordingly.

    Not sure where you live but locally I can find the 5770\6770s for $30 - $50, anything more than that and you are better off buying a new generation card like the 7750 or 7770 both of which out perform the 5770\6770 use less power and can be had for around the $70 - $100 mark that you are asking for this card.
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