Which is the better card out of these two?

So I'm looking at two 7870's, one from MSI and the other from Sapphire. They are both very similarly priced and I just wondered which was the better? The Sapphire is overclocked from factory but I would probably OC the MSI one if I got that.

I'll be playing on 1920x1080 single monitor with games such as Train Simulator, Cities in Motion, and I may move into BF3, Crysis, Far Cry etc.

I won't be moving from these two so please don't suggest another one.

Thanks in advance (and please vote in the poll if you don't want to write an answer!)
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  1. Both being the same price but with the Sapphire already being OCed at the factory I don't know of any reason not to go with the Sapphire card. I know both companies have a solid reputation, and having used both in the past I've had no issues. For me the selling point is the OC on the Sapphire card, otherwise they are more or less going to be the same.
  2. Sapphire. No Questions. But MSI is a good brand also.
  3. Okay, thanks both of you.

    Do you know of any specific differences (core clock etc...) between the two? Are the cooling standards the same?
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